42 Day Miracles Program

Thursday, Sept. 17th – Thursday Oct. 29th, 2015

Day 1 of Your Miracles Journey

Written By: admin - Sep• 17•15

This is a Spiritual Manifestation Program. This being so, it is meant to be enjoyed in the absence of stress, blame, or guilt. It is not meant to be contrived, but meant to stimulate your individual creativity and joy.

What is the upside of a Positive Mental Attitude? Another way of asking the same question would be to each day ask yourself, “What great gift will the Universe present me with today?”

This can also be called a gratitude program. It’s also an Inner Child Program. It’s meant to nurture that part of you that believes anything is possible, if you pursue it in a good way, and with a good heart. It’s a Program where your exploit the value of Positive Affirmations and Positive Reinforcement. Notice where you still beat yourself up, and practice the powerful process of Self-Forgiveness.

There’s a movement of Higher Consciousness going on, and this Miracles Program asks you to become part of this movement, and be a positive force for making the world, and your life, a better place.

Today, sit down with your Miracles Journey and write about any Miracles you would like to manifest over the next 42 Days, if you could do anything. Remember, imagine you have a magic wand, and whatever you write down and focus on for the next 42 Days, will be yours for the asking.

Don’t bother with a plan, the how-to’s or the what for’s. Trust the Universe to guide you to the fulfillment of your dreams and visions, and deliver in Its way a far greater gift than you even imagined. Write the list in the I AM fashion, as in… I am manifesting….. I am Eating Healthy, I Am Earning such and such, My Relationship with my boss is….. My romantic relationship is…

Write about what you are grateful for, and your challenges, putting them in a light of gratitude, as, I’m grateful I am learning how to eat healthy for my body, I am grateful I am earning far more than I am spending every month, I am grateful that my car needs bodywork, I’m grateful that I need bodywork.

Do the above writing exercise daily for at least 10 minutes to an hour. Writing down everything that comes to mind in the form of expressing gratitude for it. This is a stimulating exercise which helps get your subconscious mind and the Universe busy putting things in motion.

As you notice and become more aware of all the amazing miracles in your life you’ve already created, you begin to become even more aware of the relationship between what you notice, what you ask for, and what you manifest.



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