42 Day Miracles Program

Thursday, Sept. 17th – Thursday Oct. 29th, 2015

Message from Jimmy

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•15

I am very excited to be participating in

Barbara’s 42 day miracle program. I get the

feeling that this one will prove to be quite

miraculous. Over the last 1 1/2 years I have

been engaged in an arduous study from the

inside out, of the principles and laws

governing quantum consciousness, the

principles and laws behind the science of

manifestation, health as radiance, and

ultimately what is the nature of miracles and

how do we come into alignment with the

psycho­spiritual principles and energetic

alignment underlying the Human Being’s

proclivity towards witnessing and

manifesting miracles.

This 42 day miracle program is “the

laboratory course”. I’m excited because it

gives me a very clear and precise

opportunity to put all of these theories to the

test. There is enough going on in my life

right now, as well as many things that I

would like to manifest or have been trying to

manifest, that haven’t shown up yet, that it proves to be a very powerful opportunity

and challenge to witness for myself how powerful

we are as creators when we really put our

minds, heart, and soul into our efforts.

I am also excited because I will contribute as

much as I can, offering as much insight and

technique to help everybody along the way.

So I am glad you could join us and best of

luck and blessings in your manifestations

and miracles. Love and light, James

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